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sliding table panel saw wood working machine precision single phase acrylic

1. Regarding sliding panel saw,these 2 types optional Electric lift/electril tilt 45 degree&Manual lift/manual tilt 45 degree
2. The sliding panel length customized as your using,such as 2200/2800/3000/3200/3800mm,etc.

Model OBT3200
Function Manual lift/Manual tilt optional
Dimensions sliding table 3200*375mm
Maximum cutting length 3100mm
Maximum cutting width 1250mm
Maximum cutting thickness 75mm
Spindle speed 5500-7700r/min
Spindle diameter 30mm
Blade angle 0-45degree
Main motor power 380V/5.5kw
Scoring diameter 120mm
Scoring speed 6000-7000r/min
Deputy shaft diameter 20mm
Deputy motor power 1.1kw
Weight 670kg
Dimensions 3200*3000*850mm

  1: European type dust collector,realiza 90 degree folding.

  2: Manual lift and tilt function.

  3: Suitable for processing various MDF, particleboard, wood-based panel, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass plate and solid wood and other wood structure similar to the hardness of the plate.

  4: Whole body using the whole spray durable wear-resistant, not paint off ,the appearance of perfect.

  5: The machine table for the thick cast iron, after muffle treatment, never deformation. By the foot is a big thicker by the European thick,

  6: Mobile table for high-strength aluminum alloy, after all the surface oxidation. Mobile push platform guide for the round bar slide, (can be customized linear steel ball push, preferential rate consulting customer service)

  7: The motor uses the national standard pure copper core motor, than the aluminum, copper clad aluminum motor power, power strong, (need to change the motor price directly)

  8: The use of national standard iron body heavier processing, high precision, stable and stable, to prevent jitter small errors

  9: Double-blade principle, a small saw blade crossed, large one cutting, to prevent collapse edge, burr phenomenon.

  10: Pneumatic press can be ordered, safe and efficient. (This price does not contain the pressure feeder, the price, please contact)

  11: voltage standard 380V, 220V, please specify in advance for ordering