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MDF VS Plywood Which Is Better MDF Or Plywood

Aug 21,2020

MDF board: medium fiber board made of wood fiber or other plant fibers.

plywood panel : veneer wood sheets is to use single board vertical . And horizontal gluing. High temperature and high pressure wood composite to suppress. Have structural stability already, not easy to be out of shape.

These two types of wood product board have their own advantages and disadvantages. But also according to their own situation to choose.

Mdf Vs Plywood Cabinet Advantages And Disanvantages

Mdf Advantages

-mdf panel is easy to finish. All kinds of paint, paint can coated on the density board, is the first choice of paint effect.

-mdf melamine sheets is a beautiful decorative board.

-all kinds of wood veneer, adhesive paper film, decorative panel. Light metal sheet and other materials can glued on the surface of density board.

- hard density plate after punching, drilling. Can also made into sound absorption plate, used in the decoration of the building.

-Excellent physical performance, uniform material and no problem of dehydration.

-Good nail grip of MDF.

Disadvantages Of Mdf

-the biggest disadvantage of mdf baord is not moistureproof, see water on expansion. Be in with density skirting board, door covers board. When windowsill board, should notice 6 sides brush paint, such ability won't be out of shape.

-mdf veneer water expansion rate, large deformation. Long - term load-bearing deformation than the homogeneous solid wood particle board. Although the moisture resistance of fiber plate is poor. Screw tightening will not loosen. Easy to fix.

But MDF board has smooth and smooth surface, fine material, stable performance. Firm edge and easy modeling. Which avoids the problems of decay. And moth, etc. Bending strength and impact strength. It is superior to particleboard board. And the decorative surface of the board is excellent. Better than the appearance of solid wood furniture.

Advantages Of Plywood

Good stability: as a result of the unique structure. of crisscross of multilayer real wood floor. Make it's stability very good. Need not worry about floor affected by damp too be out of shape. Also be the better floor board that installs floor heating.

Price is large: lumber of multilayer real wood floor does not have real wood floor to be big. And can make full use of material, because this compares price much cheaper than real wood floor.

Easy do: the surface of multilayer real wood floor besmear handles very well. Wear resistance is very tall. And need not spend too much energy to maintain. The good multilayer real wood floor on the market can not waxing inside 3 years. Also can maintain lacquer face luster if new.

Plywood Disadvantages

Real wood floor still exists nowadays be out of shape, craze is acting two big phenomenon. Glue of vertical and horizontal of plywood real wood board. Pass high temperature and high pressure. Solved the deformation of real wood board from inside stress respect. Craze two big defects. Plywood solid wood resources are less and less, the price is higher and higher. By the environment rigid easy deformation.

Plywood surface layer selected high quality wood after drying, fat. Health after a few working procedures slice and become. The surface should not decay. Dead section, wormhole, crack, clip skin defects, but for small slip knot. Color difference can not be too demanding, because this is the natural properties of wood. In some places, the moisture content of plywood solid wood is generally 5%-14%.

Mdf Vs Plywood Cost Difference

Mdf Vs Plywood For Cabinets Features

-Medium fiber board has uniform internal structure, strong holds screws moderate density. Good dimensional stability. Small deformation and moderate physical and mechanical properties; Smooth surface, good machining performance. It can paste planed veneer pattern and novel, beautiful decorative paper. So in the home decoration by people love, often used for making furniture, partition. Not water damage etc.

-Splint is usually made of odd layer veneer. And the fiber direction of adjacent layer veneer arranged and glued to each other. There are three, five, seven and other odd plywood. The plywood must be 2440MM in length and 1220MM in width. And must divided into six sizes in thickness (1 centimetre is 1mm). 3 centimetre, 5 centimetre, 9 centimetre, 12 centimetre, 15 centimetre and 18 centimetre.

Mdf Plywood Comparison Production

-in the fiber board with wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material. Through breaking, fiber separation. Drying after applying urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive. And then after hot pressure made of a kind of artificial board.

-Plywood is a thin board with three or more layers. Which made of veneer or square cut from raw wood and then glued together with adhesive.

Mdf Plywood Sheets Application

-Medium fiber board can applied in the middle cutting machining frame. And middle clip of modern decorative frameless painting. The national registered trademark frameless painting of visual life is so applied. Making life more friendly.

- plywood holds used in various boards of furniture manufacturing exterior projects, interior decoration. and house building. The second is shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing. All kinds of military, light industrial products. And packaging and other industrial sectors doors stairs .