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Melamine Sheets Cut To Size Application

Aug 21,2020

Melamine Board

Melamine board is a combination of plastics and formaldehyde that form a resin. Which is then pressed into a board (or other material). You can use melamine board for furniture, veneer, insulation material. And a host of other potential uses. It is often glued on top of particleboard and cutting this material. With or without the particleboard, is more difficult than it seems. Improper technique will cause melamine board to splinter and chip at the edges.

Melamine-coated particle board is a great material for storage. Basement, garage, home office, and kid's room projects. It's less expensive than plywood and has a much cleaner finished look than painted MDF or fiberboard. Unfortunately, the plastic resins in the coating are prone to chip when cut with a spinning saw blade. They make special (read: expensive) saw blades for the task, but with a bit of care, you can get clean. factory-like edges with the circular or table saw blade you currently have.

Cutting Melamine Board Method

Melamine-coated particle board is an amazing resource for DIY projects: it's cheaper than plywood. as strong as MDF but less prone to warping. And comes with two finished sides that look way cleaner than painted sheet goods. It comes in large 4x8' sheets, or smaller, more usable sizes often sold in the shelving section. If you're okay with the white or black finish. It's the perfect material for custom storage and organizing tools.

First, choose your cutline, and score both sides with a utility knife. Score with a utility knife

Second, set your table saw or circular saw blade to cut about 1/4" into one surface of the melamine. Here, you're not cutting the piece to length as much as you are creating a clean edge in one face. Most chips occur when the teeth. That are not actually removing material come in contact with the surface. By cutting one side at a time, you prevent most tear out.

Make a kerf. Turn the saw off, and back the piece back behind the blade. Or, if using a circular saw, set the saw in the same position. Raise the cut depth of the blade. So that the gullets are 1" above the top surface (a lot higher than you'd set the blade for safe cuts), and then cut the top side. Since the blade is much higher, you'll want to be extra careful with kickback. Here's where the crosscut sled comes in handy. Complete the cut.

Cutting melamine is somehow a delicate procedure for improper cutting process. may lead to chipping that may cause health problems. If cutting melamine is not done. not only will it cause chipping but also cause breaking out of the surface.

When you are cutting melamine boards, you have to ensure that there is no movement in the cutting action. Wobbling blade would likely cause a rough surface. Since the tooth are not hitting the board and does not have an equal cutting action. The workpiece must bedded in the saw bench or on the table.

What Saw Blade For Melamine?

Carbide tipped melamine cutting saw blades provide smooth. Chip-free cuts in melamine and laminates. The industrial quality #MB10800 double-face blades. Designed to cut melamine chip-free on both sides of the material. The thick plate with copper plugs eliminates vibration.

When it comes to selecting a blade, one blade that can accommodate cutting. This kind of material would be a Triple Chip Carbide blade with at least 72-80 tooth. This will give you a smooth cut providing smoother finish. This blade also has a longer blade life.

Another blade that can used for cutting melamine boards is a hollow ground or a hollow tooth blade. This type of blade produces excellent top and bottom cut. The disadvantage of this blade is it's costly to sharpen. Though blade life is better, but the blade tends to perform once the teeth starts to worn out.

Another blade that can used for cutting melamine board is the negative 80 Hook tooth. This type of blade offered both in carbide and in alternate top bevel. The triple chip carbide negative hook blades can cut clean top and bottom. Proper machine maintenance required when using a triple chip carbide blade. to avoid problems during any cutting operation.

Alternate top bevel but has severe tooth angles resulting to a sharp blade teeth that. Provides excellent job of shearing the wood fibres.

Cutting melamine board may be easy by looking at it, but it possesses hazardous effects to one's health. The dust and particles released. When the material machined causes serious problems to a person. When melamines machined. it can release various chemicals. Such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde and phenol. It is best to use the correct procedures to ensure your and your employees health.


Cutting Tips

Before you start cutting melamine board it is imperative that you know where you are going to be cutting. Use a straight edge, pencil, and a measuring tape to mark your cut. Unlike other materials, you want to continue the line down both edges of the board. Adding the line along the edge will help you keep the board lined up with the blade.

The most important component to making a good cut in the melamine board is using a prepared table saw.

First of all, make sure you're using the right tool. To cut melamine or laminate board. Your saw needs to equipped with a double-sided laminate/melamine blade. These blades designed to cut while minimizing chipping.

Have your table saw in it's best condition possible before you go to make your cuts. You should get your table saw tuned up anyway, to keep it in tip-top shape. But if you’re planning on a project using melamine, ensure that a tune-up has done not long before.

If possible, use a zero-clearance throat plate on your machine.

Another way to cut chipping and splintering is to. Make sure you feed your material through the saw as possible. To do this, make sure you have ample support for the board and the saw. Check that your saw is as stable and level as possible before proceeding to cut. In the event that your melamine is a very long piece, place another table behind. Or beside the saw to give the excess a place to rest as you cut.

On most amateur table saws, there can be an issue with drag as you're cutting. And this can be one of the biggest problems when trying to produce a smooth cut with melamine. Rub the surface of your table with wax paper or use a top coat to reduce friction for a smoother feed.

The vibration and torque generated by a table saw is enough to rip apart. Melamine board as well as particle board. To prevent these materials from. Becoming damaged you need to decrease the vibration that exerted on the board. Something as simple as two-inch wide painters tape will work.

After you've measured the board and drawn a cut line you will place the tape along that line. Make sure the tape is even and centered with the line meaning that one inch of painters tape should be on each side. Place the tape on the side of the board you wish to have facing out and smooth it out as you press it down. When you cut the melamine board you will do so on the reverse side.

Melamine board is often thin and flimsy and trying to use a table or hand saw to cut it will wind up damaging the board. Particle board is often used for furniture and as a base for a melamine board veneer. To cut the board without damaging it, affix it to particle board of the same size. Use clamps around the sides to secure it in place and then cut the board.


Cutting Melamine Board FAQ

Melamine Sheets Cut To Size Process

Melamine board known as double decorative paper faces veneer particleboard. Because melamine panels is with veneer, so it is very easy to edge collapse, or cut laminate sheets out rough.

One, melamine board ordinary machine to do not melamine resin collapse edge is not easy to do. Generally need to use precision table saw (also called precision cutting board saw) .

Two, precision cutting Melamine interiors saw through two steps. First cut the groove with the bottom slot saw blade, and then cut off with the main saw blade.

Three, the Melamine panels bottom slot saw blade Melamine Laminate Sheets selection. According to the Melamine panel cabinets table saw design selection. If it is a table saw with adjustable height. The Melamine laminate panels thickness can unified with. The main saw by using a single groove saw blade. The general specifications are outer diameter 120MM * tooth number 24T * thickness (2.8-3.6) * aperture 20/22.

If you can't adjust Melamine Sheets. You need to use double groove saw blade to type of Panels achieve the same thickness with the main saw. Through the spacer. The general specification is 120MM outer diameter * tooth number (12+12) T* thickness (2.8-3.6) * aperture 20/22. (note 12+12 means that the tooth number of each double blade is 12 teeth).

Of course, it is not always easy to achieve complete unification by adjusting kinds of melatline sheets the height of single-blade. High pressure laminates slotting saw blades. So many people choose double-blade slotting saw blades instead. Which is convenient and simple to adjust home offices. But the price of double-blade slotting saw blades is high.

Four, low pressure laminates cutting board saw main saw blade selection. Thickness is 3.2MM, the aperture is generally 30 aperture. The outer Melamine Sheet diameter is 305MM (part of the soil saw is 250MM). To achieve a smoother section, generally choose 96 teeth in the majority. But the custom colors price is high.

If the number of teeth is less enough to use recommendations do not have to use 96 teeth. melamine panels can choose, 72 teeth or 60 teeth can be. Tooth profile generally used ladder teeth more. to achieve smooth section, and more prone to edge collapse. So it is generally as follows: outer diameter 305MM * tooth number 96T* thickness 3.2* aperture 30- step teeth.

Melamine Sheets White Prices

When buying furniture to many of us will asked about what is the material of it. Many shopping mall shoppers will introduce you to use melamine best laminating surface. The material such as particie board, melamine board is also known as ecological board. Fire prevention, high temperature, earthquake Core MDF, mouldproof. Used in all kinds of furniture, the melamine plate price how many money.

The price of melamine board decided according to laminates of all kinds thickness. The thickness of different Particle Board Core prices will vary. The thickness of 5mm melamine board price consumers. Can choose according to their own needs.

How Big Is A Sheet Of Melamine?

Melamine board can be any decorative patterns imitation of all kinds of patterns. bright color, used as a variety of wood-based board. And wood veneer, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance. Good chemical MDF face resistance. resistant to acid, alkali, grease, alcohol and other solvents erosion. The surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain and clean.

Because it has natural wood place to cannot have both excellent performance. Often use at indoor building and the adornment of all sorts of board type furniture, ambry so.

The glue film paper that forms after immersing in 3 melamine board transparent resin wants hard a lot of. After this kind of glue film paper and base material heat pressing become an organic whole. Have very good performance to beat the furniture that makes with it need not go up lacquer. The surface forms protective film. Wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure scratch, be able to bear or endure acid and alkali. Be able to bear or endure ironing, be able to bear or endure pollution.

European imports. standard plate specification (mm) : 2800×2070, 3060×2070, 4150×2070, thickness (mm) . 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25.

Domestic plate. specification 1220*2440 1525*2440 1830*2440 thickness generally has 12mm,16mm,18mm.

What Are Melamine Sheets Used For?

Melamine sheets for cabinet

Melamine board is one of the most used boards, as the popularity of the board type furniture in the family. It becomes a lot of furniture to choose production materials .

Three reasons for introducing melamine board cabinets:

Introduce reason a: lovely appearance, conform to fashion renovation proposition. Melamine board can given imitation of a variety of patterns, bright color. Fashion modeling, is the smart choice of home hipster.

Introduction reason two: smooth surface lines, easier to ensure the removal. Cabinets are more likely to get dirty in daily use. and you can choose the materials that are convenient for washing your hands. which can be less laborious. Melamine board surface clean, easier to clean.

Introduce reason three. Melamine board does not have natural wood can not have excellent performance. More stable than natural wood, will crack, deformation.