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Container flooring plywood

Container flooring plywood

If you want to buy Container flooring plywood,welcome to Jiangsu YESHI GROUP. Specification is 28 mm.We offer you with Best Quality,Best Price ,Best Serivice.The content of this article includes:Container flooring plywood picture,Container flooring plywood price and Container flooring plywood introduction.We appreciate your business.

*Name: Container flooring plywood
* Size: 2400*1160 or 2440*1220mm(beveled edge/routed edge)
* Thickness: 28 mm as per request
* Core: All hardwood
* Glue: WBP (phonelic glue)
* Face/back: Keruing/apitong veneer ( 0.4-0.5mm thick) & film faced paper.
* Density: 58-65kgs each
* Tensile Strength: Up 7000 N 
* Bonding strength: ≥0.7Mpa
* Grade: A/A , A/B